P2 Mining



P² Mining (PTY) LTD does not stand alone as a company. Rather, it stands on the shoulders of giants in the industry. The current business has the continuity and portfolio to easily and effectively deliver these unique services.

We understand that there can be multiple reasons for marginalising a shaft:

  • The scattered nature of remaining reserves
  • High overheads or inefficiencies
  • Too few returns to devote extra time and resources profitably

In order to reap the maximum benefit and profit from the extraction of these “lost” mineral deposits, we employ what we call a “split profit module”. In short, P² delivers PGM bearing ore to the plant at its own production cost and with its own extracting resources, and in return, the client receives the PGM at a fixed, pre-defined cost. In addition, we lease all the equipment from the owner at a fixed cost for the duration of the project. At the end of the project, at expiry of the contract or when the maximum has been gained from the mining zone, the leased equipment will be reclaimed by P².

By bringing in our own people and operating with speed and efficiency, the clients receive their share at a fixed cost. This is for a reserve which has essentially been written off… and at minimal risk to the client.

Our services are ideal for major mining houses that are looking to extend their operations into deeper parts of their reserves.